Grandmothers for Peace





Who we are

Grandmothers for Peace is a grass root movement under the Norwegian Peace Council, an umbrella organization of the Norwegian peace movement. We have no political affiliation, though many of us are involved in voluntary activities, charity, peace movements or political parties.

As our name suggests, we are senior citizens belonging to the “grandmother generation”. Grandmothers for Peace was originally inspired by the Grandmothers on the Plaza de Mayo in Argentina. Although we do not share their dramatic history, we share their concern for the world.Like them, we want a peaceful world for our children and grandchildren.

Grandmothers for Peace base their commitment on the three principles:

·        Preventive peace work

·        Respect for the United Nations’ Declaration of Human Rights

·        Knowledge and attitudes leading to a sustainable and peaceful society.



What we do

Our group consists of approximately 12 active women who meet once a week, every Wednesday between 1130 and 1230 in front of the Storting (the Norwegian parliament building). We distribute our self-made leaflets, focusing on current news from the world

outside as well as on political issues in Norway to passers-by. Our main goal is to be visible and make our presence felt, to make contact with the man and woman in the street, present our view to them and, hopefully, start a dialogue. In other words: to be an eye-opener and

make people realize that we all can have our share in building a better world for our children and grandchildren.


Every year :

-  we have a stand during “Arendalsuka” where we meet politicians and other NGOs during 5 days in the small town of Arendal at the southern coast of Norway

-  we share our solidarity “Non to nuclear weopons” at the  Hiroshimaday on the 6th of August every year – see foto

-  we participate with our banner at the manifestations on the 8th of March and the 1st of May – see fotos

-  and take part of the celebration of the laureauts on the 10th of December when the Nobel Peace Price is distributed in Oslo


Grandmothers for Peace want to transmit important events in a positive way, giving people hope and optimism and showing them that although we cannot change the world alone, we can at least try. We fully believe that by standing together and make our voices heard we can all make a difference and hopefully make the world a better place for our children and grandchildren.